Pointe Work

Due to our dancer’s availability (lack of) I stood in as her ‘foot double’ and performed all the pointe work seen in the film. I enjoyed working with tom, helping me as it was a challenge being a camera operator and being front of the camera so Tom did the camera work for those shots and he allowed me to approve the shots. I feel like under the circumstances we all did very well with what we had. FullSizeRender 2



Looking for the right type of music was really hard for this piece, I was searching for a dramatic, dark ballet piece however I couldn’t find anything, the music that ended up in  the film is nice but I don’t think it goes with our original plan. I don’t think the music compliments the red, dark aesthetic of the film but I really could’t find the type of music I wanted, it completely juxtaposes the aesthetic however, I am very happy with the finished product. Due to issues with the dancer, the music and the locations I feel as though we have strayed from our original plan but nevertheless I like the finished product.


We ended up just filming in the black drama room with red lighting, we originally wanted to film ion about 10 locations but du to our dancers availability it just wasn’t possible. I really like the aesthetic of our film because then red lighting casts shadows which symbolises the darker side of ballet. we wanted to portray the pain and discipline of ballet and how difficult the reality of it is. we chose to used red lighting as it shows love and passion (the love the dancer has for ballet) however it also symbolises danger and hatred, i.e the love hate relationship and how much it hurts and how dangerous it is in  terms of how physically challenging it is especially pointe work.

Lighting testing

Myself and Sophie decided that we are going to light the room with a red to represent the danger / pain the dancer puts herself through as well as the passion she has for it. In order to put more focus on her as a subject though we will be using two spot lights as we want to create an atmospheric look on camera. Using the two lights spaced evenly apart also allows for multiple lights to be shown, something we think will help create a powerful atmosphere.