Day 2 Shoot (2/5/17)

As stated in my last blog entry we decided to film some pick up shots so we had a bigger variety of clips to work with in the final edit. One problem that we faced in this shoot was that our original talent was not available, however our very own Sophie has years of ballet experience under her belt and the shots we required only focused on her feet so in the final edit you wouldn’t be able to notice that the shots are a mixture of two different people. We shot in the same studio as the previous shoot so continuity wasn’t an issue. Since we came into this shoot know exactly what we needed we finished in plenty of time so we managed to get some shots that we didn’t plan that work very well in the final edit.


Day 1 Shoot (30/3/17)

Overall the shoot went rather well. Despite our talent forgetting her pointe shoes we managed to push through and agreed as a group to shoot some pick up shots of said shoes at a later date, apart from this there were no other other problems faced. We all worked smoothly and efficiently  to get the task done to the best standard we possibly could. As an editor I took a more back seat role during filming, only providing some input to the shots being film as well as holding the boom pole when needed.