Final film


Dancer Casting

As of this moment in pre production process we have cast two dancer but we have yet to see them dancing so i believe the next step is to set up a call back and film a part of them dancing. So we can get an idea of their abilities and their personality as that will play a big part in the film considering its an portrait.

What this meeting will be is an chance for us to set up an short amount of filming so we can see how the dance and also speak about the choreography of the ballet.

Possible locations

The main concept of the portrait is the focus on the contrasting differences between what is seen when you watch ballet and the feeling that the dancer feels in her body when dancing, almost the repercussions of ballet.

To annotate this we shall be filming in two different location possibly more, one side being very traditional and the other being an UN-conventional and urban areas.

Traditional Locations-

  • A theater?
  • A dance studio

Urban Locations-

  • Car park
  • Principality stadium walkway
  • fuel road
  • Smart Bridge
  • Graffiti bridge by adamsdown
  • under the bridge behind USW