Lighting testing

Myself and Sophie decided that we are going to light the room with a red to represent the danger / pain the dancer puts herself through as well as the passion she has for it. In order to put more focus on her as a subject though we will be using two spot lights as we want to create an atmospheric look on camera. Using the two lights spaced evenly apart also allows for multiple lights to be shown, something we think will help create a powerful atmosphere.


Studio instead of stage

With our idea we want to showcase the pain the dancers put themselves through in order to get to the stage. However, due to our dancer having a very tight schedule we are struggling with finding a theatre that fits around her.

Because of this we may not use a stage but instead use the studio again but rather than light it heavily we would light it with a few spots. This would allow for a more atmospheric performance that would hopefully give a similar effect as the stage would.